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scented oil incense
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The Retro Shop, LLC 4002 Desiard Street Monroe, LA 71203

Ph: (318) 345-5353 www.theretroshop.net

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We have a wide range of lamps, incense, candles and scented oils for your home.

We offer Retro style lava lamps, plasma lamps, rotating disco lamps and even glitter night lights for the kids.

Looking to freshen up your home, well check out our scented oil lamp selection. They are electric lamps that have small glass dishes on top that hold your scented oil. The bulb in the lamp heats up your oil and will spread a lasting aroma throughout your home. We have a huge assortment of scented oils and lamps available at great prices.

Other great items to freshen up your home are our wide variety of incense and candles. Wildberry, Satya, Flute and Bayou Witch Incense, just to name a few. Also, long lasting candles from Starbuzz and Smoke Odor.

If relaxation and healing is your need, please come by and check out our rock salt and selenite lamps. Many rocks and stones are famed for their unique healing qualities. Rock Salt Lamps are a great replacement to air purifiers. They release negative ions into the air that help increase bloodflow to the brain and improve concentration. Selenite is said to provide mental clarity, increase insight and improve awareness. The warm glow from the Selenite Lamp will help create a calm and peaceful energy in your home.

Stop by today and see what you can find for your home.

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lava lamps monroe